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This year’s Madeira holiday season again has over one million lamps distributed throughout Funchal, according to the Regional Government.

“The public tenders held for Christmas lights were held for two years, so this year will be similar to last year,” says the information released by the Regional Secretary of Tourism and Culture.

Two contracts with the designation “Christmas and New Year Holidays 2018 and 2019”, for a total value of 2.3 million euros, but which also includes Carnival parties.

In total there will be 1,194,224 lamps that will color the city.

According to the organisation , “in some cases” the decorations “will be placed in different arteries, and the possibility of changing the location of one or another decoration is still being considered in the lightings that are being placed in the city of Funchal, where they are already a tradition for dozens of years “.

The lights come on December 1st, as is tradition, but the lighting work has been going on since October.

The theme “Madeiran Christmas” sets the tone for the decorations designed a year ago and which also aimed to “honor the 600th anniversary of the discovery of Madeira and Porto Santo”.

In this context, for the city quay – symbol of the arrivals – it was thought a luminous pattern inspired by the Portuguese navigators and directed mainly to tourism.

One of the reasons that attracted the most attention in the city in 2018 was placed in front of Funchal Cathedral, where it will be again.

“At the entrance of the Sé Catedral are placed three angels, each three and a half meters tall, [who] play musical instruments,” says the regional secretary, saying that the concerts are daily between 18:00 and  21:00, and run every hour.

The city’s decoration plan also has pine trees in three locations in the city, with direct reference to three countries with which the region has a strong relationship: the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa.

In People’s Square, a symbol of the island’s recovery after the 2010 flood, a 30-meter-high Christmas tree will be set up.

Less than two weeks before the Christmas festivities begin, so we hope the tourist board have the program out in the next week, which I will post on the blog.