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Funchal City Council starts its fifth free municipal anti-rabies vaccination, electronic identification and internal deworming campaign for dogs older than three months tomorrow, on the 13th of November, following the success of this project over the last two years.

The first four campaigns covered all the parishes of the county, and managed to vaccinate 2,103 domestic animals, presenting no costs for the owners of domestic dogs and having included vaccination, chip placement and registration of their animals. The campaign begins in the parish of São Gonçalo and continues, on November 16, next Saturday, in Santa Maria Maior, Monte and Sé.

Vice-President Idalina Perestrelo, who oversees the Animal Cause, explains that “the Municipality remains committed to creating conditions so that all residents can vaccinate and identify their dog or dogs free of charge. ”

“This was a pioneer measure that we started to develop in 2017, in collaboration with the Parish Councils of the municipality, and it represented a great step towards the animal cause and public health, so this is a natural continuity, maintaining the Municipality at the forefront of this theme, in terms of awareness and permanent action on the ground. ”

The mayor recalls that “until we began this work, nothing of the kind had ever been done in Funchal to help canine bearers secure their animal rights. In these two years on the ground, the receptivity of the people has been very good, and we have reached many dog ​​carriers who, for the first time, were made aware of their annual habits with their animals. With over 2000 vaccinated animals so far, this has undoubtedly been a successful project. ”

The Funchal City Council campaign will be held, once again, in collaboration with the Parish Councils of the municipality, underlining that you must be resident in the respective parish to benefit from it, so all interested parties should contact their Câmara to pre-register.

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