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According to Correio da Manhã, after detaining the alleged murderer of the Madeiran hairdresser who was murdered in Switzerland, Zurich police suspect that the crime could be related to “drugs and sex”.

The morning press today, in its print edition, believes that the suspect, a 39-year-old Brazilian and the Madeiran will have met in a gay bar and then headed to a hotel.

Apparently, the crime occurred during the early hours of Friday. Guests complained of noise in that room, where the hairdresser was murdered, but it was in the morning that the cleaner found Ricardo Marques Ferreira’s body.

The Correio da Manhã also goes on to say that the police suspected that the crime had been committed by someone linked to the victim because there was no break-in.

The suspect was arrested in the morning and offered no resistance. No murder weapon found yet.

Taken from Diário Noticias