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Heavy rain is causing morning traffic disruption in and around Funchal.

From a Levada area we get the information that an open drain above the Ângelo Augusto da Silva school is causing “a sea of ​​water” and strongly conditioning the traffic.

At the motorway exits, namely at Ribeira de João Gomes, there are also slowdowns, along with other places identified in red on Google Maps.

The rain will continue. According to IPMA, we will have a very cloudy sky in Madeira, with good afternoon showers. Periods of rain, which may be locally strong, changing to light rain from the morning onwards, decreasing in frequency from the afternoon.

I think myself it will be much clearer come the afternoon, but it’s good to see the rain and give everything a good soaking.

The wind will be moderate (20 to 35 km / h) from the west quadrant, sometimes blowing strong (35 to 50 km / h) in the mountainous areas and southern slopes of Madeira until late morning, turning northwest from the evening.

There will still be slight rise in the maximum temperature will 25° possible in Funchal.