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Pedro Coelho presidente of autarquia accompanied Celso Bettencourt, mayor of Câmara de Lobos, on a visit to the recovery works of Vereda da Fonte Simão, which includes the recovery of 250 meters of pavement and laying of balconies, the construction of a new viewpoint.

This was a project submitted by the Câmara de Lobos Parish Council in the scope of PRODERAM, which represents an investment of around 97 thousand euros, of which 70% is funded by the program and the remaining 30% by the Câmara de Lobos Municipality. of the signed program contract.

Fonte Simão viewpoint, an initiative of the Câmara de Lobos Parish Council, offers a new perspective on the Rancho and Caldeira agricultural landscape. According to Celso Bettencourt, “more than just a tourist added value for the county, the viewpoint will offer, a socialization point and an improvement of accessibility for the entire community resident there,” said the mayor to ‘Diário das Freguesias’.