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The Funchal City Council will have a total of 107 workers, including drivers, cleaners, caretakers and heads of services, to clean the city after the New Year’s Eve festivities in Funchal, on 1 January 2020.

The work will start at 7 am, in an operation involving a total of 19 vehicles, namely 4 self-sweeping vehicles, 5 open box vehicles, 5 mini support vehicles and 5 heavy pick-up vehicles.

According to the Municipality’s communication office, the cleaning operation will begin with the collection of waste deposited in containers and wastebaskets, followed by the removal / sweeping of waste from the entire central area of ​​Funchal, as well as the removal of the 195 support containers that will be placed the day before for the disposal of the waste produced on this night of festivities, ending with the disinfection of some critical areas in the city. 

It should be noted that the cleanings on January 1st, 2020 will be a priority in downtown Funchal, so the operation will continue the following day in other areas of festivities where necessary, as will be the case with some viewpoints.