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The PSP Madeira Regional Command informs in a statement the arrest of a male citizen, aged 20, for the crime of drug trafficking.

The same note reads that the “detention took place once again in the Old Town of the City, following the actions that have been carried out by the Funchal Police Division, focusing on areas of concentration of people and places related to consumption and trafficking in such substances ”.

“Thus it was possible to detain a citizen in possession of 54 individual doses of a narcotic substance called ‘HAXIXE’, 30 individual doses of a substance called ‘ECSTASY’ and the monetary value of 100 euros, as well as other objects normally used for practice of this criminal offense, he adds.

“After being notified to the competent judicial authorities, the measure of Identity and Residence was applied to him”, concludes the same source.

Note that this is the third arrest that occurs in this area within a week.

Taken from Jornal Madeira