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The Elsa depression is caused several constraints on airport operations throughout Friday, specifically on the Lisbon runway. There are already many cases of delayed and even canceled flights, with the destination Madeira leaving damaged due to the adverse weather conditions that are felt throughout the Portuguese territory.

In the specific case of the connections between Lisbon and Madeira, the cancellation of a flight operated by the airline easyJet (EC 7605), which was scheduled to arrive at the archipelago at 20h40, and then depart at 21h10. Still, that same trip was rescheduled at 2 am on Saturday. The TAP flight (TP 1691) leaving Lisbon at 7:15 pm only took off from the capital at 10:13 pm, three hours late. The same wait may be the case of the 11:15 pm flight (TP 1693).

According to reports gathered at Lisbon Airport there is a huge confusion in the departure area with a large crowd of passengers being held and waiting for the ideal conditions to continue their journey.