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Prosecutors concluded that there was no mechanical failure and that the driver had responsibilities in the accident that killed 29 German tourists last April.

the bus driver who had an accident last April in Madeira, which resulted in the deaths of 29 German tourists, was charged by the prosecutor with 29 negligent homicide crimes and three negligent physical offences.

The accident occurred on April 17, 2019, at 18.30, when the bus was travelling on Estrada da Ponta da Oliveira, Caniço, Santa Cruz, carrying tourists of German nationality. Turning a corner, the vehicle turned off the road and into a ravine. It hit a dwelling there which forced it to a stop. The accident resulted in 29 fatalities – 11 were men and 18 women – and 27 injured, Portuguese and German.

The bus belonged to the Madeira Automobile Society (SAM) fleet and was in the service of Travel One. The driver, a 55-year-old man, had a lot of experience. At the time of the accident, the hypothesis of a mechanical malfunction was considered and it was even suggested that the driver tried to avoid falling into the ravine by driving the vehicle against the curb and wall. However, mechanical examination indicated that the vehicle had no problem causing the accident.

According to the District Attorney General of Lisbon, the investigation ” investigated the causes of the occurrence, and the investigation was directed by the Public Prosecution Service Magistrate of the 2nd section of the DIAP of Madeira. Preserved the crime scene and the damaged vehicle, effectively collecting the evidence left there by the accident . ” The conclusions point to driver responsibility, although this press release does not explain what evidence exists and what exactly the negligent behaviour is.

The prosecutor’s office reports that in the investigation was the collaboration of the PJ and the Institute of Forensic Medicine that “proceeded to identify the corpses and perform the medical-legal autopsies quickly and effectively.” Furthermore, it points out that the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP / INDEGI) carried out the bus expertise in a timely manner and that the “judicial authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany (as well as its embassy in Lisbon) made the quick inquiry for future memory of the victims residing in Germany under the European Investigation Order and EUROJUST, which effectively facilitated a good articulation between the Public Prosecutor, Criminal Investigation Judge and the German judicial authorities. “

This is taken from the website https://www.dn.pt/ 

Nothing in the news about this on the news sites we have in Madeira at the moment, but the was a story a coule of weeks ago in Diario Noticias Madeira saying that no fault was found with the bus.