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The mayor of Ponta do Sol, Célia Pessegueiro, expressed, through a Facebook post, her concern about the fires that have started in the Region.

Here is the mayor’s publication:

“Fires in Ponta do Sol
Since Friday, December 27, there have been a number of fires throughout the Ponta do Sol Municipality. There have been effective fighting by the R. Brava and P. do Sol Firemen and also from Calheta, whom we thank so much. So far these fires have not endangered human lives or dwellings, but it cannot always go like this.

The night is not over yet and we do not know what the day holds. We only hope it is a holiday season ONLY with the fireworks.

Close attention is recommended to re-ignites in already stricken areas and to turn 112 on in case of emergency “.

Célia Pessegueiro also shared the information that the Madeira roads had already cleaned and inspected the section between the Moledos (Madalena do Mar) and the Socorro (Canhas) which had been closed due to the fall of stones caused by the road fire. occurred during the early hours of today, December 31st.