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The Regional Civil Protection Service leaves a warning to the people of Madeira due to the adverse weather conditions of the coming hours.

Associated with the joint action of the Azores Anticyclone, centered in the Azores region and of depression to the southeast of the Madeira Archipelago, it is expected for the period between the end of the afternoon of the 4th (Wednesday) and the end of the morning 6th (Friday), strong wind throughout the Madeira Archipelago, gusting to the order of 120 km / h in the mountainous regions, 80 to 90 km / h in the coastal regions of the north coast of Madeira and at the east and west ends and in Porto Santo. In the regions most sheltered from the north wind (Funchal) the maximum values ​​of the gusts will be around 70 to 80 km / h. In the same period strong sea agitation is expected, with waves of the order of 4 to 5 m on the north coast of Madeira Island and Porto Santo.

At the monent in Caniço de Baixo the weather is very still and calm with broken clouds and no rain. I guess we wait for it to arrive. Photo attached is now 5.45pm from my balcony.

How is the weather in your part of the island.????