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It saddens me to have to share this with you all…

She wasn´t a beautiful cat (yes she was!!!)….just an ordinary short hair Calico kitten, but she sure had fight and endless determination!

We named her Gaia (Mother Earth). Discovered by a good Samaritan,on the side of the road, she was wounded, having suffered a gun shot that left her paralysed. When she became our patient, all the volunteers at the Friends of 4 Patinhas made a pact…we would make every attempt to preserve her life, and we did.

So that is how her journey started…now in the hands of a sympathetic vet and housed in a clinic, her healing began, prognosis still unknown. As her vet bills started to mount, we reached out to fellow cat lovers for financial assistance…with the help of Tobi Hughes and the Madeira Island News Blog, we were able to raise the necessary funds that would insure her future, though paralyzed and incontinente, she was about to start a therapy program that would greatly improve her mobility.

She died Tuesday night in her sleep…having to drag her front quarters was just too much of a strain on her little heart. We gave it our all, even finding her a forever home in a loving family willing to take on the clalenges of raising a paralyzed cat. We are sure that she had a great life with her humans.

We thank Miguel for having such an amazing soul…thank you to all that helped support Gaias needs by giving higyene products such as diapers, wipes and pads, thanks to Biovetnatura Clinic at Santana that provided excelente health care when she needed it and thank you to all the anonymous people that helped here.

At the moment we are fostering several cats and kittens, even one that is partially blind, however Gaia will always have a special place in our hearts…we are all very sad but we believe that Gaia was sent to Friends of 4 Patinhas with a reason…maybe the Universe is telling us we should dream higher and keep on working to have our own shelter, one that will provide care and love for all of the stray and neglected animals like she was!..We will miss you little star!…