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Horários do Funchal (HF) joins Funchal Market Night by creating a special ticket for the night of December 23rd, in an initiative called ‘This Year Let’s Go Together’. The idea is to make it easy to go to one of the busiest nights in the city, without worrying about parking or returning home.

The special ticket has a value of 2 €, and is valid for two trips, between 18h on 23 December and 8h on 24, being free for children up to and including 12 years. As for the service, it will be provided within normal working hours of a working day, except career number 02 which will be extended until 2 am on 24 December.

HF regrets CMF’s attitude

HF regrets that it has not been “summoned, consulted or heard by the Funchal City Council (CMF) on ‘Night Market’”, clarifying that the special ticket for this party night is the responsibility of Horários do Funchal, similar to what was done last year, relying only on “the support of the Regional Government”.

HF said in a statement that the contact between CMF and HF took place only on Tuesday, December 17, “via telephone”, and the Municipality asked the public transport company “if it would reinforce the service. and what was the price of the ticket. ”

“It was at this time that we urged the City Council to have the stop on 31 de Janeiro Street, next to the artists, to be moved to the Finance Building, on the same street, in order to ensure better accessibility for the population. public transport. This fact, which had not been contemplated by the Funchal City Council ”, says HF, regretting that“ once again, the Funchal City Council neglected urban public transport, denying the population the possibility of traveling to the event in another way. transport”.

With this initiative, HF aims to “promote the use of public transport as the best alternative to travel to and from the city in the safest and most economical way,” the statement said, adding that drivers “eliminate setbacks arising from the use of individual transport such as traffic, lack of parking and risk of road accidents ”

Translated from Diário Noticias.