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Heavy wind near Madeira Airport is causing some disruption to the air operation, although the first three flights of the day, two from TAP from Porto and Lisbon respectively, and easyJet from Lisbon, landed in Santa Cruz at the last minute. Only the first flight could land at the first attempt. The rest were forced to abort when they flew off Santa Cruz, and soon managed to find conditions to make the final approach to the runway and also land at Madeira airport.

Already significantly delayed is the inter-island flight operated by Binter. The scheduled connection to Porto Santo at 07:30 has not yet departed from Madeira.

Strong wind should be the main reason for these constraints. In the last hour the maximum gust near the airport runway reached 80 km / h, with the average wind ‘blowing’ at 34.6 km / h

Taken from Diário Notícias