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With a lot of imagination, the Calheta Volunteer Fireman’s Crib opens to the public this Friday.

This crib, carried out by the corporation itself, has been increasingly sought by outsiders from all over the island and even by many tourists who visit us during this festive season.

With demand rising, it becomes more challenging to exceed visitors’ expectations.

This is why Calheta Volunteer Firefighters always seek to diversify by illustrating different traditions and even different emergencies that they encounter throughout the year as they go about their rescue work.

Last year, for example, the helicopter simulating fire fighting caught the eye, taking thousands of people to that barracks.

Not wanting to give any further details regarding this year’s news, the Calheta Fire Commander says the helicopter will be back in action, but now simulating a rescue to a crew member of a boat.

Jacinto Serrão invites the whole population to visit the crib which also offers a bar with some of the traditional delicacies.

The result of an entire dedication of several weeks can then be known from today, and visits can be made every day until mid-January.

One of the best in my opinion, and well worth donating a bit of money or purchasing a drink or two while you are there.