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The Madeira Regional Statistics Directorate (DREM) today publishes on its website the Retrospective Temperature and Precipitation Information Series, updated with 2018 information, provided by the Madeira Regional Delegation of the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA).

“In 2018, rainfall recorded at the two weather stations under review increased to 550.9 mm in Funchal (377.0 mm in 2017) and 459.5 mm in Porto Santo (366.9 mm in 2017) .

2010 continues to be the year with the highest levels of precipitation in the period under review, both in Funchal (1,476.3 mm) and Porto Santo (598.5 mm), ”reports Drem. This is the year we had the catastrophic floods on 20th February

Regarding the days without precipitation, in 2018, there were 310 days in Funchal (13 days less than in 2017) and 292 days in Porto Santo (25 days less than in 2017). Considering the period between 2004 and 2018, it can be observed that in the case of Porto Santo a record value was reached in 2004 (332 days), while in Funchal the maximum number of days without precipitation (325 days) took place in 2015 ”.

“In the year in question, March was the month in which the highest levels of precipitation were observed at the Funchal weather station (163.5 mm). The wettest month in Porto Santo season was February (129.0 mm). On the contrary, during the months of August and September at Funchal station, and in September at Porto Santo, no precipitation values ​​were recorded ”, he points out.

“In the last 43 years, in the Funchal season, average annual temperatures have fluctuated between 18.1 ° C (1976 and 1984) and 20.6 ° C (2004). Porto Santo station between 2004 and 2018, this indicator was the lowest in 2005 (18.7 ° C) and the highest in 2017 at 19.7 ° C. In 2018, the average annual temperature was 20, 0ºC in Funchal (-0.5ºC than in 2017) and 19.0ºC in Porto Santo (-0.7ºC than in the previous year)

“August was the warmest month of 2018 in both weather stations, with average monthly temperatures of 23.7 ° C in Funchal and 23.2 ° C in Porto Santo. In contrast, February was the coldest month in both seasons, with monthly average values ​​of 16.2 ° C in Funchal station and 15.1 ° C in Porto Santo station, “he points out.

“In 2018, the number of tropical nights – in which the minimum temperature reaches 20 ° C or higher – was 84 (102 in 2017) in Funchal, while in Porto Santo it was 67 (62 in 2017)” ,