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The sky will be very cloudy today, and forecasts point to showers, which may be snow at the highest points of the island of Madeira.

According to forecasts from the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere, there are favorable conditions for thunderstorms and hail until early morning.

The wind will be a strong breeze (35 to 50 km / h) from the north west, gusting to 100 km / h, strong to very strong (40 to 60 km / h), gusting to 130 km / h,

A slight decrease in maximum temperature is expected.

In Funchal, periods of overcast sky, showers and light to moderate wind (10 to 30 km / h) from the west quadrant are also expected.

As for the state of the sea, northwest waves of 5 to 7 meters are expected. On the south coast, 2 to 4 meters southwest waves are expected, temporarily 4 to 5 meters in the west.

Feeling very cold today, and tonight will be one of the coldest nights since I have lived here, with temps dipping to about 10 degrees in Funchal.