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The outlook for the New Year’s Eve festivities in Madeira, one of the region’s main tourist events, is of “almost full house” and an occupancy rate of around 90%, the regional tourism secretary said today.

“The outlook for the end of the year in Madeira is good. We have an indication that we will have an almost full New Year’s Eve, ”Eduardo Jesus told Lusa.

The official indicated that a “hotel occupancy rate is very close to last year’s”, adding that there will be, “already on December 18, a new auscultation result that is being made to the market”.

However, Eduardo Jesus said that “at this distance, occupancy is very close to 90%, standing at 87 or 88%”.

According to the official, “everything indicates that the occupancy of five-star hotels will be higher than in previous years”, with “an occupancy in line” in the four-star units and “a slight drop in three-star hotels / apartments. ”

However, we believe that the balance of this festive season will be very similar to what was experienced in Madeira last year,” he concluded.

The official stressed that this year there is a “reinforcement at the level of animation”, having the festivities already started on December 1st in downtown Funchal.

“This year we have a very strong reinforcement of the activities that take place in the city of Funchal,” he said, pointing out that the “Christmas Market now has a second area” in People’s Square, in addition to what was usual in the Central Plate of Avenida Arriaga.

The official mentioned that the “Christmas houses” where are available the traditional products of the time, such as breads, honey cakes, fruit, liqueurs and poncha, among other products, “duplicate the offer that exists”, not lacking the musical animation.

Taken from RTP Madeira