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The Navy, through the Funchal Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Sub-Center (MRSC Funchal), coordinated a relief operation for a 10-meter long UK sailboat called ‘Wanderer’ today. it was about 10 miles north of Porto santo island. With a single crew member on board of South African nationality who was not mechanically propelled due to engine failure and was unable to sail under weather conditions, assistance was requested from this Subcentre.

The alert was received by MRSC Funchal at 08:38 am on VHF channel 16, and the NRP Tagus patrol vessel and the Porto Santo Harbor Captaincy lifeboat (ISN-SR1) were immediately activated for the site.

Due to weather conditions in the area, close monitoring was maintained through MRSC Funchal, communicating every 30 minutes with the ‘Wanderer’ sailboat skipper, and subsequently activating the Maritime Police ‘AMN-03-SG-Orca’ vessel,

Confirming the need for towing support, this was done by the boat ‘Comandante Cristiano de Sousa’, from the Administration of the Ports of the Madeira Region, and the safe entry into Porto Santo Marina at 6:15 pm.

The crew member was in good health, without any medical assistance.

The Porto Santo Maritime Police Local Command took care of the occurrence.