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It was 7:37 am when operations at Madeira International Airport resumed with the departure of the Binter plane to Porto Santo, followed at 7:57 am by the landing of an easyJet plane from Porto.

Apparently the runway is no longer conditioned due to the strong winds that caused since 18h48 on Wednesday no aircraft took off or landed in Santa Cruz.

Today’s operating map shows only the cancellations of TAP flights from last night, which should have arrived in Madeira at 00h10 and 1am from Lisbon and Porto, which also led to the cancellation of the morning departures. today to the same airports. TAP, which will carry out two extra flights this Friday on Airbus A330, more capable planes, to carry “as many passengers as possible” that were held back due to bad weather. The first flight leaves Lisbon for Funchal at 13:45 and the second at 19:00. In the opposite direction, Funchal-Lisbon, the first flight is scheduled for 16h15 and the second for 21h30.

There are 68 flights scheduled between departures and arrivals today, including a few of yesterday’s cancelled flights.

Taken from Diário Notícias.