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Thanks to Oliver King for sending this information.

Morning Tobi.

Had an email this morning about partial closures on the Levada 25 Fontes.

Basically explaining that some sections are closed, that effect the one way system…

See below for full email

For your knowledge and dissemination to your guests and clients, below we send the communication received from IFCN – Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation, regarding the closing of the above mentioned pedestrian path.

Subject: PR 6 – Levada from the 25 Sources

Dear Sirs,

Due to the adverse weather conditions of last week, part of the recommended route PR6 collapsed, a situation that prevents the passage. However, the route is not closed, because there is the alternative to do it, not respecting the one way created, that is, in the coming days when making the route, walkers will not be able to comply with the existing one way signage.

In this sense, it appeals to the common sense and mutual respect of all, waiting in the safest places avoiding situations of danger among walkers.

Please be advised that appropriate steps are being taken to restore the route as soon as possible. We plan to be brief if all conditions, including weather, allow it!