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The Ribeiro Sêco Mel-de-Cana Factory of V. Melim, Lda. Was once again awarded at the Great Taste Awards 2019, a contest that evaluates products based on taste, being awarded with 3 stars (top score) the Honey Cake (Bolo do Mel) , and with 2 stars the Classic and Biological Sugar Cane Honey, and the Honey biscuits (Broas do Mel) .

“Great Taste was born in the United Kingdom in 1994, and is the largest and most credible international fair that annually evaluates thousands of food products from around the world. It has been responsible for the discovery of exceptional quality food products, and for this reason these awards. They are a recognition of what we have been developing over the years, and we are proud to see our products distinguished and recognized!

Being also a pride especially for all sugarcane farmers who supply us with the raw material to produce cane honey in the classic and organic state.