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One large and one smaller stone is slowing traffic on the road between Cruzinhas and Lombo de Cima, in Faial.

It is a relatively busy connection, where dozens of vehicles pass daily between public and passenger buses and other vehicles.

The road in question is identified by the regional authorities as an intervention area, but has only undergone slight improvements.

The detachment of stones in this area is a cause of concern on the part of the residents who have already expressed their apprehension to the regional entities. The Regional Government itself recently promised a major intervention on the cliff face to contain the frequent fall of stones and the work is even registered in the Regional Budget. However, the work has not yet gone to the ground and the stones continue to fall to the road.

A few years ago, in this same area, a passing car was partially destroyed by being hit by a tree that fell on the car and crashed through the roof. Just by miracle there were no serious injuries.

Over the last few years, Jornal Madeira has realised the fragility of this escarpment at various times, with reports of successive episodes of falling stones to the road.

Today, it happened again. As far as we know, traffic is restricted and only light vehicles can circulate until the large stone that has fallen into the road is removed.