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Madeira and Porto Santo will be under yellow warning on the north coast and Porto Santo due to strong wind and sea turbulence, on the south coast and mountainous regions due to the wind, the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) said.

The gusts may reach 80 km / h and at sea the waves will be 4 to 5 meters. Wind warnings come into force first, and in the mountainous regions they start at 9 pm tomorrow (Wednesday) . On the North, South and Porto Santo coast they come into force at midnight on Thursday. All extend until 6 pm on Friday.

Today the weather does not raise any warnings from the IPMA, which points to periods of cloudy skies, light rain showers, especially in the northern and highlands and light to moderate winds from the northern quadrant, being moderate to strong until mid-morning. , blowing hard (40 to 50 km / h) and sometimes gusting to 70/80 km / h in the highlands and far east of Madeira until mid-morning.