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It was in Pico do Arieiro that the lowest temperature was recorded this Monday, with the thermometer pointing to negative 2.1 degrees.

The information was revealed on radio 88.8 JM / FM by Victor Prior, director of the Madeira Delegation of the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA).

The same states that the largest gust of wind was also recorded in Pico do Arieiro, 135 km / h. In turn, the highest level of precipitation was found in Chão do Arieiro, being 92 mm.

Note that on Tuesday the weather will improve (of course I have a tour), but Wednesday and Thursday the rain and wind will return.

Today is probably the coldest day I have known and the temp this afternoon dipped to 11 degrees, it has risen a little now, but will be a very chilly night for all. I will have to get my Onesie out…..