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The head of the Café do Teatro Group, Dário Silva, turned to social networks today to make an outburst.

On his Facebook page he shared a series of photographs showing Porto Santo’s “completely deserted” Village at 1 pm.

The businessman uses the photos to criticize the advocates of “peace and quiet” on Golden Island, lamenting the impact of this ‘desertification’ on trade and thus on maintaining the jobs of the local population.

“Those who go to Porto Santo and criticiseiits to busy in the summer, and should be a quiet peaceful place to go without animation and events ! We entrepreneurs who rely on the trade to give jobs to residents etc … where do we stay, what do we do! ?? ”, asks Dário Silva.

In the same publication, he recalls that currently the Café Theater Group has two spaces open in Porto Santo, which “at great cost” employ 15 employees from the Golden Island throughout the year.

A situation that seems unsustainable, despite the Group’s desire to “help and create more jobs on the Island”.

“The destination Porto Santo should have all year round animation, events, congresses”, as happens in Madeira, the Canary Islands and “in all developed cities of the world”, complains Dário Silva and leaves the challenge: “to these people who want Porto Santo as a ‘home for the elderly’ open a business all year round and will see what they will have to put in their pockets to fulfill all their obligations (rents, wages, taxes, bills etc …) ”

Well said, its so sad to see such a beautiful island, with great around climate like Madeira, shut down for almost 8 months of the year. Shame on the government once again who don’t care for anything other than themselves.