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Leading photo from me taken this morning, clearly see the smoke from the fires in Camara de Lobos and Ponta do Sol in the distance. I hope things have improved for you all that side. 

Thousands of people will attend the fireworks show in Funchal today, the most important tourist poster in Madeira, in which the Regional Government has invested half a million euros.

The show assembled by a pyrotechnic company has the theme “Madeira em Festa” and is composed of 175 thousand pyrotechnic pieces and 24 tons of fire that will fill the sky with colour, fired from 38 posts placed on land and at sea to give welcome to 2020.

The launching stations are scattered in the amphitheatre that configures the city of Funchal (31), five in barges anchored in the bay of the city and two in the island of Porto Santo.

The head of Macedo´s pyrotechnic company Carlos Macedo explained to Lusa that this year’s show has the theme “Madeira em Festa” and “is inspired by the Madeiran traditions of Christmas and the end of the year”, having been “developed from scratch and exclusively ”For the occasion.

He added that there are “21 pyrotechnic paintings, with their own colours, typologies and sounds” and that the colours chosen for this year’s show include “oranges, purples, golds, silver, magenta and the basic colours”.

The show ends with the “25 second apotheosis, as the tradition of Madeira dictates”.

Tonight, 13 ships, some at anchor in the bay of Funchal, due to the lack of docking capacity for so many vessels, carrying about 36,000 passengers and crew, will also watch this spectacular event.

And as is tradition, thousands of people will position themselves to have the best view possible to watch the pyrotechnic spectacle, namely the viewpoints and roads with a privileged view of the bay of Funchal, hotels and private homes.

In addition to the city’s waterfront, Avenida do Mar and Communities, where many are concentrated, the Funchal City Council has already announced that the Santa Catarina Park will also be open until 02:00 on Wednesday, allowing that place be another space for the population to enjoy the moment.

The hotel units recorded a 90+% occupancy rate, with five-star hotels contributing to higher indicators, confirming the “full house” perspectives of the Madeira Tourism and Culture Secretary.

But the tradition of marking the New Year’s Eve with pyrotechnic shows has already spread to other municipalities in the region that also organised their parties.