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I have two tours planned for December with Travel Agency Pearl of the Atlantic. With a possible 3rd tour.

Tuesday 17th December we will do the Presépios tour along the south coast of Madeira, stopping at all the places to see the Christmas activity sets.

Pick ups will be at the Cristo Rei in Garajau at 9.30am and then Cable Car Funchal at 10am. Price is 17.50 per person.  If interested in this tour please email me at [email protected] with the subject Presépios West.


I plan to repeat the above Presépios tour on Monday 30th December if I get enough interest. If you are interested please email me with the Subject Dec30.  I will also Run Presépio Tours in January, Dates on blog later in month.

Sunday 22nd December, we will do a tour to the East, We will stop at a couple of Presépios and also visit the market in Santo Serra.

This tour the pick ups will be in Funchal Cable Car at 9.30am and then Cristo Rei Garajau at 10am.

All tours will include the usual poncha stops, and view points. I plan to have everyone back by 5.30-6pm, as I know its a busy time of year and people have evening plans also.

If you would like to join this tour please email me at [email protected] with the subject Presépios East. Price again is 17.50 per person.