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The Tourist Board have finally released the Christmas New Year Program.

Almost a week after the official events started on the 1st December, you can now download the PDF for Christmas and New Year, running from December 1st 2019 through to 6th January 2020, just skip past the first 3 or 4 pages as that’s already happened….

Download the English PDF HERE

You can download other languages on the website VisitMadeira  and select your language at the top before downloading the program.

Although the program is a week late, I will have to put them down even further and say its 3-4 weeks late, as people would like to know whats going on at least a few weeks before the start of the festivities, not a week after they have started.

This happened exactly the same time last year so they have not learnt any lessons, and as most of my readers will know and agree they are hopeless at promoting anything, unless its for their gain, i.e Carnival, Flower Festival, where they make a fortune on ticket prices. Plus the office in Funchal is a joke, which doesn’t amuse anyone…..