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As part of the instructional trip for the students of the Submarine Instruction Center, the NRP Tridente calls at Funchal Port between today and next Saturday, December 14th.

The ship will be open to visitors on December 13 between 14h00 and 18h00 and will be docked at Pier 2 of the Port of Funchal (Pontinha).

The Tridente submarine is commanded by Captain Lieutenant Ribeiro da Paz and has a garrison of 33 military personnel (seven officers, 10 sergeants and 16 squares).

This ship is characterised by its low acoustic, electromagnetic and thermal signature making it one of the most stealthy conventional submarines in the world, impossible to detect without the use of high surface means, equipped with state of the art sophisticated sensors.

The ship has been carrying out various surveillance missions of the maritime area of ​​national interest and has participated in various national, international and NATO exercises.

From Jornal Madeira