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IPMA forecast worsened this Saturday afternoon, read the update below. 

Until a few hours ago, the archipelago of Madeira was under ‘Yellow’ weather warning mainly due to the possibility of the wave reaching a height of 4 to 5 meters, but on the north coast and all the coast of Porto Santo Island, besides much wind in the highlands of the island of Madeira.

About an hour ago, the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere issued a new warning, reinforcing the forecast that Sunday afternoon may occur periods of heavy rain and accompanied by thunderstorms. IPMA calculates the critical period between 6 pm tomorrow and 3 am Monday morning.

The warning extends to the whole island, including the south coast, the north coast and the mountainous areas, as well as Porto Santo, with rain, therefore, for the entire archipelago and which leads to the issuing of the ‘Yellow Warning’.

Also the swell will be northwest with 4 to 5 meters on the north coast and Porto Santo, a situation that was expected to start to feel from 18 hours (ie, follows the rain), but extends until 13 hours Tuesday, December 17th. While on the south coast the southwest waves may have a height of up to 4 meters.

In mountainous areas you will feel the weight of the wind, which may blow strong from the southwest with gusts up to 90 km / hour, turning at the end of the day 15 northwest, gusting up to 100 km / hour. The yellow warning in the highlands extends until 6 am on the 17th.

Stay tuned for IPMA weather warnings to be up to date on this situation. All updates I will of course place on my blog for you.

Please if you are travelling have extra food drink, phone charger, etc…