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Hookah Star Lounge Bar.
Located in the heart of Funchal – on Travessa das Torres, 22, close to Santa Maria Str, Cable car station and Bus stop.
Its the “First professional hookah bar on Madeira”.
There’s a really good choice of service, from a variety of fruit and tobacco flavours and different trends to the service and presentation itself.
Of course, there is a bar, and the guys invent their own cocktails from time to time. They insist that there may be no rules in combinations of hookah and alcohol because each visitor has his own preferable combinations.
Hookah is so good that its been known tourists from Germany and Turkey want to stay there as refugees….

Activities – it’s a new trend for Hookah Bars – they took it from more advanced regions, they also have table games for those who like to play while relaxing. So the classical theme from history – smoking hookah and playing chess or playing cards, or playing anything else – is available there now.
They also have PSP (not connected yet) -but soon it will be available too.

But the most important is hookah service. One can hardly find a hookah bar on Madeira with so close attention to details, variety of flavours and strong knowledge of serving it.
Opening promotion is simple – the last hookah of the day (ordered before 23-30) is for free, each week they have a competition between those who take a photo and write a review, they also offer “Set discounts” – Budget, Middle class, Luxury. But only one class of discount is available per person. But if you mention my blog you will receive a 20% discount, which is much better for you and your pocket. Just mention my blog when you arrive.

It’s good for those who would like to have some rest, hold business talks, play table game or just enjoy the moment on Madeira.
So if I would make some kind of summary – I would say, it’s a hedonist’s paradise)

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Website – https://hookah-madeira.business.site/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/hookahmadeira/

Instagram – hookahstar_madeira

Phone – 291-655-738

Address – Travessa das Torres, 22, Funchal