Flight from London disembarks 83 passengers in Madeira

This weekend alone, the limit of 120 passengers to disembark per week determined by the Regional Government has been exceeded.

The only flight to Madeira this Sunday, an easyJet A320 from London, landed at Madeira International Airport with 83 passengers on board, including 4 children.

It is recalled that only yesterday, in the two movements made to Madeira, 71 passengers disembarked, of which 66 were transported by bus under police school to Quinta do Lorde Resort. In the Caniçal hotel unit, yesterday, 98 passengers who arrived in the region in the last few days were confined.

The Regional Government announced last Thursday a limit of 120 passengers per week ‘authorized’ to land in Madeira. After this warning, 71 Madeira and foreigners arrived yesterday, today 83 more passengers disembarked. There are already 154 passengers disembarked just this weekend in Madeira.

Just to confirm these are not tourists arriving, NO tourists are arriving in Madeira, and won’t be for a couple of months or more, depending how long this situation goes on.

Passengers arriving are residents, family members, etc.

From Diário Notícias

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