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Madeira News

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The Daily Mail have given Madeira a good write up, and listed 6 things you must do in Madeira. Read the review here....


Plenty more Festivals taking place this month, and also Close of Summer parties. Garajau Beach will hold its close of summer party, this Saturday 15th Septembe...

Funchal City Day

A public holiday in Funchal brought people to the beaches. A hot sunny day with max temperature of 32 degrees saw beaches and lidos packed to bursting point, s...

High Temperatures

Madeira will stay on Yellow alert over the next few days for high temperatures, The UV is very high so care needs to be taken while in the sun, and it is not re...

Hurricane Gordon

Hurricane Gordon is now a Cat.1 hurricane and is moving east towards the Azores. The Portuguese government have upgraded the alert from tropical storm to hurric...

Ponta do Sol

Ponta do Sol is situated on the south west coast of Madeira, meaning "point of the sun" it is claimed to be one of the sunniest places in Madeira. ...
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Levada Walks

When you visit Madeira be sure to do at least one Levada walk, these unique walks along the irrigation channels let you see the real Madeira, with fantastic vie...
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Welcome to Madeira Island News Blog. Here you will find Island News, Upcoming events, Recipes, Photos and loads more. Please feel free to comment and if y...