Tim Tam Tum


  • 0.5 litre Water
  • 0.5 litre Sweet Madeira Wine
  • 0.5 litre Aguadente (or use Vodka)
  • 6 Black Tea Bags
  • 4 sticks Cinnamon
  • 500 grams Sugar
  • 100 grams Raisins
  • 30 grams Prunes
  • 1 Vanilla Pod


  1. In a saucepan bring all ingredients to the boil, except the Madeira Wine and Aguadente (or Vodka)

    Let is simmer for 15 mins and then let cool. Now add the Madeira wine and the Aguadente (vodka) stir and place in a large Mason jar and leave in a dark cupboard for at least 7 days shaking a couple of times a day.

    Then strain through muslin cloth into nice bottles, and enjoy this lovely licor at Christmas.

    * You can leave the licor in the cupboard for a month or more to improve the flavor.