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The wind had dropped but the sea. s still very rough with waves 5-6 meters, showers are expected today but on the whole it seems on the Marinas of Machico and Santa Cruz have suffered the most damage, along with Funchal suffering some damage as well.
Coastal areas have had the most damage with restaurants and bars being flooded.
Elsewhere on the Island all seems OK, a few power cuts, a few small landslides and some roads closed but this will all be sorted out very quickly.
A few photos of Reis Magos this morning show strong seas still, and some damage, and a lot less pebbles on the beaches.
2013-12-11 09.01.11 (1) 2013-12-11 09.04.22 (1) 2013-12-11 09.05.37 2013-12-11 09.06.43 (1) 2013-12-11 09.09.10 (1) 2013-12-11 09.11.24 2013-12-11 09.16.22 (1)
2 boats have also been sunk in the Marina of Calheta, with the beach area also having some damage.

A man in Machico who was thrown into the sea trying to help another individual on a sail boat is at the moment trying to be revived by paramedics.

Sadly this man has lost his life.