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I am Tobi Hughes and moved from London to Madeira with my partner in 2005. I love the island, its climate and friendly social atmosphere.

Welcome to my blog. Madeira’s best news blog in English. For other languages the “translate this site” function is quite good.

The blog provides you with all you need to know about Madeira – news, events, photos, videos and so much more. Once in a while I am also sharing fun posts and you can take part my little competitions like “Where am I Wednesday”. Or send me a photo of any place on Madeira for my “Friday Foto” post.

Please feel free to contact me directly to share your news. I am happy to share anything that has to do with Madeira. The more information we share the better the blog becomes.

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My new project: I started www.madeiraislandclassifieds.com where local businesses can promote their services or products. The profit from the site will go 100 percent to two charities – the Food Bank in Madeira and a Animal Charity on the North coast of the island. The latter I already support a lot.

How can you get involved? Support one of your favorite places or companies on the island. The grows of the site will help others. And you all know Covid paid a heavy toll on many businesses in the tourism sector.


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CAR HIRE. I always get asked about car hire. I have a search engine for this, and this will give you the best price. Keep in mind Madeira is very hilly.

If there are 4 people sharing a car I recommend to go for one with at least a 1.3 engine. Click here to access the site.

50 TIPS FOR MADEIRA. I have a list of 50 tips and things to do in Madeira. These are my own personal information from living nearly 20 years in Madeira. If you would like a copy just contact me at madeiraislandnews@gmail.com and let me know what information you are looking for.

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