Quick News Update

Hi all, just a few pieces of news from today that I want to quickly share with you.
I will try to do this from time to time, as I am working a lot at the moment so its difficult to keep up with whats going on all the time.
First some good news. Monte Tropical Gardens received 6400 visitors yesterday, entry was free for the Bank Holiday, and this set a new record number of visitors for a day and an increase of 27.5% on last year.
Now more bad news. A spanish tourist died this afternoon in Caniçal while diving, the person was not feeling well while diving and was transported to the Marina at Quinta do Lorde, in an unstable condition. The Rapid Medical Intervention Team were quick on the scene, but the tourist did not recover.
Praia do Gavinas, just west of the lido area of Funchal has been closed to bathers as the water is polluted. Microorganisms which are a danger to health have closed the area until at least the 4th July, while further tests are being made.
One last quick story.
The blue flag was raised today at the beach of Garajau.
This is good news as the blue flag has be absent for the last 2 years.
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