Bad weather arrives

The bad weather is arriving with strong winds, and the sea is looking very rough.
There are a lot of weather alerts in place over the coming days, the worst being from 3pm Friday through to Saturday 12am where Madeira and Porto Santo will be on red alert for high sea waves of 7-8 meters.
Below us a copy of the weather warnings from the news website.
The archipelago will be on Friday and Saturday under red warning, the most serious of four, due to sea waves and is expected waves of 7-8 meters, it was announced today.
According to the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), Madeira and Porto Santo will be under red warning between 15:00 Friday and 12:00 am Saturday due to the forecast of strong sea waves, It is expected northwest of very high waves (7 to 8 meters).
The red warning is the most serious of a range of four and is issued by IPMA there is always a weather situation of extreme risk.
According to IPMA, Madeira is already from 08:00 today to 15:00 Friday also under an orange warning because of sea waves and is expected northwest waves of 5-7 meters.
Will also be under an orange warning between 18:00 and 12:00 today Saturday foreseeing strong wind with gusts of 120 kilometers / hour order.
Madeira is still under yellow warning between 18:00 and 03:00 today Friday due to the forecast of rain sometimes strong.
Weather Update Thursday 22.30
 The bad weather being felt over much of the island is expected to get worse during the night.
The Porto Santo Ferry has been cancelled since Wednesday, and not likely to make the journey till Sunday.
5 cruise ships due in over the next couple of days have also cancelled the visit to the island.
Waves will be the main feature over the coming hours with the North West of Madeira and Porto Santo being worst affected, waves will be between 7-8 meters, but there could be some as high as 15-16 meters in these areas.
There has been no problems at the airport today, and friends of mine went to Caniçal this afternoon and there was no wind or rain at all.
The wind is causing problems over the Island though and this is likely to get worse, more and more photos and videos are appearing on social networks with FaceBook being the most popular. This tree has fallen and hit a car in Nazare Funchal.
I will continue to update over the weekend.
Weather update Friday 11.45am
Well we had a very calm night in Caniço last night and today the sun is shining and the weather very calm.
Over much of the rest of the island the wind has cause a lot of problems mainly with fallen trees. 5 roads are closed and 6 roads are partly blocked.
The sea waves are expected to be at there highest from this afternoon, this will affect the north or Madeira and Porto Santo the most.
Below are a few photos going around the social networks.
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