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The pressure cooker of the brand ‘HO ME’, according to a statement issued a few moments ago by ARAE (Regional Authority for Economic Activities), presents a risk of burns to users, due to a safety anomaly.

Here is the full statement:

“ARAE warns that it was received on the RAPEX Platform – Alert System for Dangerous Non-Food Products, information related to a kitchen accessory, namely a pressure cooker ‘HO ME’, which represents a risk of injury to users due to a malfunction in the safety valve. There is a possibility that the pan will exceed the maximum allowable pressure level for this type of equipment. The user may suffer burns when releasing the second safety valve, or even an explosion may occur ”.

They further informed that the product is sold through the ‘AMAZON’ online platforms.

ARAE also presented the characteristics of the kitchen utensil:

Product ID:
Product: Pressure cooker EMMA 7 litres
Brand: HO ME
Barcode: 8003512661624
Distributor: Amazon
Product description: Pressure cooker EMMA HO ME Custom
code: 7323930090

Following this information, they alert potential consumers in the Autonomous Region of Madeira to “not using this product”.