TAP Refunds – Any Advice?

One of my readers has sent this message below. Is anyone else experiencing the same problems, or have you had refunds and can give any advice.?
Hi Tobi.
I wondered if you were aware of the significant controversy associated with Air Portugal and the non-return of payment for flights that they cancelled due to Corvid 19?
There exists a Facebook site; “TAP Air Portugal- UNSATISFIED CUSTOMERS” with 3300 members, that will confirm the airline’s disgraceful behaviour and refusal to comply with the law. I have been trying to reclaim over several months, for cancelled flights to Madeira during the summer, to the value of several thousand GBP.
TAP will not respond!
Are there other readers in the same position?
Please leave comments below, if you are reading this on Facebook please try to leave your comments on my actual blog post so they are all in one place.
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