Someone talking some sense, and yes let’s get rid of those that are only interested in the private sector, and only maybe work one day a week in the public health care, leaving huge and long waiting lists.

The PPM defends a faster, free and quality public health service that can be extended to all citizens, and meets the needs of users and health professionals.

“For this we need greater investment in this area and to stop financing private football clubs that in no way dignify the Region and Madeirans”, said the coordinator of this political force, Paulo Brito.

In this sense, the party understands that “a doctor who works in a public hospital or health center” cannot have “interest in private clinics”. But it is necessary to create the “conditions for them to feel good, such as unfreezing careers, better salaries and hiring more medical personnel”.

“We also have to invest in the nursing and auxiliary staff, only then will we have a Public Health Service of excellence”, suggested Paulo Brito, noting that “it has become very clear in these two years that we have lived in a pandemic that the health of each citizen is fundamental. not only on a social level, but also on an economic-financial level”.