Much Fresher

Fresher weather has arrived at last, with last night dropping to 17 degrees in Funchal, so a good night sleep was had by all I think.
Today the top temperature is 20 degrees and the locals all have their winter clothes out, with fur coats hats scarf’s all being worn.
Not much news on the Dengue fever over the last 2 weeks, only 3 cases been confirmed in this time, so it seems to be more under control I hope, and there has been lots of information passed around telling people how to prevent the situation getting worse so lets all hope this continues the way its going.
Now is the time for levada walking now the weather is fresher but still pretty dry. I love the levadas in Madeira and hope to do some over the next few months.
Levada do Norte (6)
Levada do Norte, the longest on the Island.