More Bad Weather

Madeira is yet again under a weather alert for more rain and strong winds, this time being Red alert, the most serious on the scale of 4.
As from Saturday 24th November until Monday 26th November bad weather will affect the region, with the worst being from 6pm Saturday till midday Sunday, where heavy rain and winds up to 140km especially over high ground. There is also an orange warning in place for high waves on the north coast and Porto Santo which could reach 7 metres.
The presidents Civil Protection recognises there are places that are vulnerable especially after the bad weather the North of the Island had 2 weeks ago, and are warning people to stay at home and if you need to go out to be very careful and stay away from rivers and waterfalls.

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Weather Update 21.30 Saturday 24th
Heavy rain has been falling for a while now, the red alert has been extended by 3 hours till 3pm Sunday 25th, as charts show there could still be large amounts of rainfall.The wind has become a less of a problem, here in Caniço the wind is not really strong, but is expected to pick up over the next 24 hours, but the winds are not going to be as strong as first predicted, with max gusts of 120km over the higher ground.

Weather Update 10.30 Sunday 25th

The weather calmed down over night after some very heavy rain and strong winds that died out around 2 am. This morning the sun is shining but the Institute of Meteorology (IM) has postponed the red alert till Midday today running through to 21.00, with heavy rain, strong wind and the possibility of lightening. 
Some problems have occured in the night with a landslide at Eira do Serrado which is blocking the road. The population of Ponta do Sol are advised not to drink water from the tap, as one of the main water pipes has ruptured affecting more than 80% of the population.

Weather Update 20.30 Sunday 25th

Well we have been on red alert since midday, and I have yet to see a drop of rain or a little wind, hard to believe how they can get this so wrong, and people losing business after closing for the night last night or closing early as everyone stayed at home.