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Gold Car Rental

The car hire rental company has made headlines again in the UK press.
An article in the Telegraph Travel section runs a story asking if it is the worlds worst car hire horror story.
It is the second time Gold car has been mentioned in the Travel section of the Telegraph.
The story is being shared round Facebook and other social sites like wildfire, and hoping it will put an end to this company on Madeira.
We don’t need the bad press and we certainly don’t need the likes of Monica, who seems to front the company, and her name crops up everywhere if you do a search online.
Anyone wanting to HIRE A CAR ON MADEIRA need to avoid GOLDCAR and BRAVA CAR who have an awful track record as well.
If  you need any help or advise I will be happy to help, there are good companies on the island that give excellent service and a one full price with full insurance and no extra charges or deposits needing to be left.
Read the article in the Telegraph below.