Demand for masks increases in Madeira due to coronavirus

Since today, the demand for surgical masks has grown in Funchal. According to the information given to the Diário Notícias by some of the pharmacies that had been contacted on Monday morning, today was marked by an almost out of stock in two of these establishments. Remember that, when the first approach was taken, the various pharmacies heard by our report realized that the demand until then was quite residual.

Now, as the Diário also announced yesterday in its printed edition, the use of a mask is not considered completely reliable in preventing the spread or contact of the virus, although its use may serve to reduce the contact from hands, mouth and nose.

Herberto Jesus, president of the Institute of Health Administration (IASAÚDE) realized, on Monday afternoon, that adopting basic protection measures were sufficient to prevent contamination Washing your hands regularly with soap and water and protecting your airways when you sneeze or cough should be enough to prevent infections with the coronavirus.

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