Clinical Director of SESARAM leaves after just 20 days

The clinical director of SESARAM Mário Pereira, appointed earlier this month, has just left office after an intense controversy with service directors.

The news, which ran today in Funchal, was confirmed at the end of RTP-M’s TV News.

Throughout the day, there were several rumors explaining the departure of the newly appointed clinical director. However, everything was stuck by a last meeting that took place at the end of the day in which Miguel Albuquerque and Rui Barreto will have participated.

Clinical Director of SESARAM issues a statement explaining the reasons for his departure from office, just 20 days after taking office. The statement was released by the CDS.

Here is the full statement by Mário Pereira:

“1. I assumed my duties as Clinical Director, with commitment and sense of public service, for which I was mandated by the Regional Government of Madeira.

2. From the first hour, I assumed a posture of dialogue and a spirit of collaboration with all professionals and those responsible for the services in order to ensure a better provision of health care to our population.

3. From the majority of my colleagues and professionals I received availability for a frank and fruitful collaboration in the pursuit of these noble objectives.

4. However, despite all my efforts and the total availability of countless colleagues, I feel that I have not achieved the essential consensus for the full achievement of the proposed objectives.

5. Since, for me, the most important thing is the good provision of health care to the population, I understand, not least because I am not a captive of places, I intend to submit my request for dismissal of Clinical Director, thanking all those who collaborated with me in the exercise of my functions.

Funchal, 27 February 2020 “

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