Madeira will not review quota for TVDE vehicles

The adaptation to the autonomous region of the TVDE legal regime – individual transport in de-characterized vehicles based on electronic platforms – which fixed the number of vehicles in the archipelago at 40, with each operator, (well there is only Bolt, as Uber are no longer here) in a total of 16 licensees, only being able to operate a maximum of three cars, continues to generate a lot of criticism, but this does not seem to bother the Regional Government.

The President of the Executive assured today, on the sidelines of an inauguration in Pilar, in Funchal, that he does not intend to review the law. “The decision that the Government took was to safeguard our economy. In other words, these platforms were not based here, and we have to look first at our professionals”.

“We took the decision, it has been taken and there are no problems with transport in Madeira”, he guaranteed.

From Diário Notícias