Porto do Funchal receives six-star cruise today

The ‘Scenic Eclipse’, a six-star cruise ship, has just arrived in the Port of Funchal, with some delay in relation to what was planned, due to bad weather at sea.

On board, coming from Las Palmas, it brings 77 passengers and 181 crew. Departure is scheduled for 19:00, heading to Lisbon.

With a length of 168 meters, a draft of 6.2 meters and a maximum capacity of 228 passengers (200 in the polar regions), this luxury superyacht is distinguished by its modern design and is considered a new benchmark in expedition cruises. It was made in Croatia and cost 230 million dollars.

It has an ice-reinforced hull, a helipad on the upper deck to serve the two Airbus H130 helicopters it carries, and a nine-person mini-submarine, the pilot and eight passengers, called the ‘Scenic Neptune’.

At the stern is the Marina Platform, used for launching water sports equipment such as kayaks, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Both helicopters and submarine can be rented by passengers for an extra fee. The aim is to provide experiences in nature, through the air and in the ocean depths.

This ship has 114 cabins, each with a private balcony and the service of a butler.

With 10 decks, this ship also offers the service of 10 restaurants, four bars and lounges, a theater, an indoor heated pool with a retractable glass roof, a spa and a gym.

From Diário Notícias

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