The trip to the USA “was one of the biggest promotions in Madeira ever made”

Attendance at Bitcoin Summit “Exceeded All Expectations”, Says Albuquerque

“It was an opportunity that arose and I had to take advantage of it”, justified the president of the Regional Government for the recent trip to the USA, only revealed on the eve of the trip. “We promoted Madeira in one of the biggest technological events, the Bitcoin Summit, in Miami, in a room with 10 thousand people”, an event that indirectly attended another “3 million people”, he highlighted, concluding “I think it was one of the biggest promotions in Madeira ever made”.

Albuquerque thus justified the reason for the trip as an opportunity to “have contact with a group of companies and entrepreneurs linked to the technological area, which today is central to our economic development”, he underlines, in statements made on the sidelines of a visit to Ilhopan – Panificação e Pastelaria. , the first public event in the Region after returning from the ‘Americas’.

“The idea is to promote Madeira as one of the main centers of attraction for technology companies and for the so-called digital nomads”, convinced that “the repercussion is very positive”, concluding that the trip to the USA “exceeded all expectations”.

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